Banking Crime – Even a 12 Year Old Gets It

by AT on June 29, 2012

Some people (most people) simply refuse to accept what’s self evident. Fully grown adults, people responsible for raising children. If you tried to steal a fiver from these people they’d be rightly outraged and they’d resist and protest, because theft is a crime and victims tend not to enjoy crime.

But there’s one big (huge) exception. When the banks steal from you it’s okay. It’s just the way it has to be because that’s just the way things work. It may be outrageous but not something anyone could do anything about, because there’s no point, that’s just the way things are, it’s the “real” world. And anyone who does have the self respect to protest is a dirty hippy or a malcontent – we all know that because the newspapers told us so.

When a 12 year old kid (albeit coached no doubt) gets what’s going on and is prepared to speak out about it then don’t you feel just a little ashamed? We could change this tomorrow – snap! But we won’t. Leave it to the kids I suppose…

Anyway, time to switch on Robert Peston again so he can use terms such as “wrongdoing”, “misleading”, “fell below expected standards”, “lessons learned”. Isn’t he great? What we really need for Robert is a nice way of saying CUNT.

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