Andrew Maguire the Silence is Deafening

by AT on April 14, 2010

For those who aren’t familiar with Andrew Maguire and his recent revelations about rampant manipulation of the gold and silver futures market by major players such as JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, I’m not surprised. The story has been completely ignored by the mainstream media.

To get up to speed have a read of Andrew Maguire exposes systemic fraud by CFTC and JPMorgan and follow the links and watch the video contained in that article.

The story has been spreading like wildfire on the Internet, especially among independent gold and silver traders. Of course they have a vested interest, which is not to say they are behaving in a nefarious manner. But when you take the mainstream media silence and all you have left is the Internet buzz you can quickly spot the strategy at work.

Ever since the Internet became a major competitor to the traditional media the latter has attempted to brandish independent Internet based journalism or reporting as less than reliable. The idea goes that if a story only exists on the Internet and has not been confirmed by “legitimate” media sources it is most likely rumour or gossip or a conspiracy theory (their favourite smear).

A lot of the time this isn’t far from the truth. There is a lot of garbage on the Internet. Of course there’s a lot of rubbish in the mainstream media too, but “professional” media people aren’t as keen to talk about that. And mainstream fantasy can have fatal consequences – Iraqi tanks massing on the Saudi border, anyone? People die when the mainstream lies.

But the Andrew Maguire case is legitimate in as far as it is certainly newsworthy and the silence of the mainstream media on this story is highly revealing. In fact it’s a story in its own right.

Let’s pretend all of the Internet articles on Maguire have gone away, that they never existed, that there’s literally no mention anywhere of the story. What are we left with?

What we have is an established trader who has not only blown the whistle on fraud but has also provided absolute proof by demonstrating the fraud as it actually occurred. And Maguire didn’t run to some conspiracy site on the Internet to spill the beans, no he went through official channels and he was ignored.

If this isn’t newsworthy then nothing ever is. The whole world has just suffered a major banking scandal and here we are again watching the usual suspects, JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs, allegedly committing an even bigger fraud. This should be a global headline but instead we get silence. And that silence is deafening in what it reveals.

I have sent requests to several British mainstream sources asking for their opinion on the facts as we know them to date. I haven’t received a single acknowledgement of receipt of my emails, never mind a considered response.

The mainstream media is killing this story stone dead and in a coordinated manner. How can that be? We can only speculate but whatever the truth it doesn’t align with the notion of an independent press designed to hold the powerful to account. Rather it smacks of collusion with authorities content to stop information escaping into the public domain.

As a result of the recent banking fraud common people have lost their jobs, their homes, their savings. What will be the further consequence if Andrew Maguire is correct? Who will suffer and who will benefit and to what degree?

And what sort of a media do we have when it ignores even a cursory glance at a potentially explosive disclosure and instead spends the majority of its resources pursuing gormless celebrities and repeating tired old sound bites from demonstrably crooked politicians as they jostle for a front row at the pig trough?

Who’s joining the dots? What about Gordon Brown’s fire sale of the British public’s gold reserves? Where’s the audit of the trillions handed over to the banks to bail them out? Does Peter Mandelson’s draconian censorship bill tie into this in any way?

DGC Magazine has produced a special issue on this story that includes all the facts, events and comprehensive analysis. It is well worth the read: DGC Magazine: Bullion Bank Manipulation and Fraud

Investigative journalism in the mainstream is dead. For all its warts the Internet is the only place where all the news exists, often buried in trash I agree but there nonetheless. Far from the self-claimed respectability resting with the mainstream the BBCs and CNNs of this world are compromised beyond repair and deserve contempt rather than credibility.

People are catching on, that’s why the mainstream is slowly dying. And that’s why unelected Euro-quislings are attaching their tentacles to the Internet.

What else is the mainstream concealing, burying, killing off? Do they filter and massage the news just to protect their corporate advertising customers or is there more to it? Is it just a matter of greed trumping ethics or could the fact that just a handful of corporations now own the whole mainstream media have a bearing. And why did the politicians ever allow this to happen and…

…can you see where I’m going with this? Oh no – it’s a conspiracy theory! Go back to sleep, there’s nothing to see here except a mad guy without a press pass spouting nonsense on the Internet.

So they would have you believe. It’s still up to you to decide for yourself though, they can’t take that away from you. Yet.

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